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Here at Unique Office Solutions, one of the main services that we offer is design work. Our design staff provides our customers with a wide range of design services from start to finish. We strive to create a space that integrates form, function, and aesthetics. The design services include several different components such as consults, computer design and space planning, and complete As-Built drawings. 


We provide our clients with initial meetings in order to thoroughly understand your needs and wants. We also offer follow-up visit after each phase to assure a smooth transition and discuss any problems or concerns that may arise. Once your space planning needs have been met, our staff can provide consulting on all materials and finish selections. 

Computer Design and Space Planning

Through the use of AutoCAD in conjunction with Cap Studio Furniture Library, we are able to completely design and reconfigure any space. Whether your move is interoffice or to a new location, we are able to design hard wall and panel system layouts along with complete furniture plans. We can also provide 3D illustrations, renderings, and color boards. 

Also, with Virtual Impression Software we are able to offer life-like renderings which depict colors, textures layouts and space planning in advance.

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